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Explore Rivertown Munitions’ wide selection of 9mm Luger ammunition. The 9mm is a versatile and popular choice among shooters worldwide. Also known as 9x19mm Parabellum, this cartridge offers a balance of stopping power, manageable recoil, and affordability, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

9mm Ammo Overview

The 9mm Luger cartridge, developed by Georg Luger in the early 20th century, has become one of the most widely used handgun cartridges globally. Its standardized dimensions and widespread availability make it a top choice for handguns, submachine guns, and carbines.

Applications of our 9mm Ammo

  • Target Practice – Enjoy comfortable shooting sessions with the 9mm Luger’s manageable recoil, which allows for precise and consistent target practice.
  • Competitive Shooting – For competitions, the 9mm’s manageable recoil and affordability make it a favorite. Its accuracy, reliability, and compatibility with a range of firearms set it apart in competitive shooting.
  • Personal Defense – Trust in the stopping power and reliability of 9mm Luger ammunition. When neutralizing a threat is paramount, you can count on 9mm ammo.

Features of 9mm ammo

  • Manageable Recoil – Minimal recoil of the 9mm facilitates faster follow-up shots and improved accuracy.
  • Affordability – Benefit from cost-effective ammunition options, allowing for regular practice without breaking the bank.
  • Versatility – A wide range of firearms are manufactured in 9mm, appealing to diverse shooting preferences and applications.

Common 9mm Uses

  • Law Enforcement – Favored for its effectiveness, manageable recoil, and compatibility with a wide variety of duty firearms.
  • Military – Trusted for its reliability, performance, and high magazine capacity.
  • Civilian Use – Valued by civilians for its affordability, availability, and adaptability, making it a preferred choice for recreational shooting and personal defense.
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