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Discover the reliability, quality, and stopping power of the mighty .44 Magnum at Rivertown Munitions. Ammunition choices for all scenarios await you.


Renowned for its formidable power and versatility, the .44 Magnum is a favored revolver cartridge for hunting, self-defense, and sport shooting. Its high velocity and energy delivery make it suitable for a wide range of applications. The Smith & Wesson .44 Mag was the preferred sidearm of Clint Eastwood in his movie roles as Dirty Harry.


  • Hunting: The .44 Magnum is prized as a hunting cartridge for its stopping power and versatility, capable of taking down various game, from deer to bear, at moderate distances.
  • Bear Defense: A mainstay with hunters and hikers alike, the .44 Magnum is a popular bear defense cartridge. Its deep penetration offers reliable protection against large predators, such as black and grizzly bears.
  • Recreational Shooting: The .44 Magnum provides recreational shooters with exhilarating experiences, offering potent recoil and impressive performance. It is a favorite of enthusiasts seeking excitement and power.

.44 Mag Features

  • High Power: With a 240-grain factory load, the .44 Mag generates 1230 fps of velocity and 806 ft. lbs. of energy, making it a formidable combination of speed, power, and stopping capability.
  • Significant Recoil: The .44 Magnum’s recoil is significant, which adds to its exhilarating shooting experience. Depending on bullet weight, the .44 Mag recoil can be 2-3 times that of the 9mm Luger.


The versatility of the .44 Magnum comes from the availability of bullet weights and configurations. Shooters have a variety of options to tailor performance to specific needs and preferences.

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