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.380 Auto (ACP) Ammunition for Sale

Explore Rivertown Munitions’ extensive selection of .380 ACP ammunition. The .380 ACP offers excellent stopping power, enhanced downrange energy, and flexibility.

.380 Ammo Overview

Released by Colt in 1908, the .380 ACP, aka 9mm Short or 9x17mm, is a popular semi-automatic pistol cartridge. Known for its compact size, moderate recoil, and stopping power, it is suited to concealed carry and self-defense.


  • Concealed Carry: The .380 ACP is popular for concealed carry due to its size, manageable recoil, and stopping power. It provides effective self-defense capabilities in a discreet package.
  • Backup Guns: Easily concealed, the .380 ACP serves as an ideal backup weapon because of its compact and lightweight design, with good stopping power, providing reliable emergency self-defense options.
  • Small-Frame Pistols: The .380 ACP, suited for small-frame pistols, balances a compact form with stopping power. Moderate recoil and manageable size make it a practical choice for concealed carry or as a primary firearm for many shooters.


  • Moderate Recoil: Featuring moderate recoil, the .380 ACP provides shooters with muzzle control for accurate follow-up shots, making it a comfortable shooting choice.
  • Compact Firearm Suitability: Known for its compactness, the .380 ACP offers a balance of size and stopping power, making it a great choice for concealed carry and as a discreet self-defense weapon.
  • Importance

    The .380 ACP’s significance lies in its blend of power and compact size, offering shooters a capable personal defense firearm in a convenient, easily concealable package.

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