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Experience unparalleled selection with Rivertown Munitions’ range of .38 Special ammunition. Explore our choices for this accurate, iconic, and recoil-friendly round.


Renowned for reliability and versatility, the .38 Special is a classic revolver cartridge favored for self-defense, law enforcement, and target shooting. Its manageable recoil, historical significance, and widespread availability make it a trusted choice among shooters worldwide.

.38 Ammo Applications

  • Revolver Shooting: An iconic revolver round, the .38 Special is known for its reliability, recoil, accuracy, and effectiveness in self-defense, law enforcement, and civilian scenarios.
  • Self-Defense: The .38 Special is a stalwart of self-defense due to manageable recoil and reliable terminal ballistics. While more powerful rounds exist, the .38 offers shooters a balance of effectiveness and shootability in critical situations.
  • Target Practice: The .38 Special is a popular choice for target practice due to manageable recoil and accuracy. Users appreciate its reliability, shootability, and versatility on the range for honing their skills.

.38 Special Ammo Features

  • Manageable Recoil: The manageable recoil of the .38 Special makes for comfortable shooting, appealing to shooters of all experience levels for practice and self-defense.
  • Historical Significance: The .38 Special holds historical significance as a widely adopted revolver cartridge, serving in law enforcement, military, and civilian roles for over a century and earning a reputation for reliability.

.38 Special Performance

The .38 Special strikes a nice balance between power and controllability. This makes it a preferred choice for shooters seeking an effective practice or self-defense round.

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